Soccer Hero

Download the FREE app Soccer Hero for iOS or Android and become the best football player in the world !

Enjoy a new soccer experience creating the real professional soccer player career. Start playing in teams of the suburbs up to conquer the most important international club trophies and win with your national team.

Soccer Hero is coming!

Available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play on June 5th, the new game for soccer fans!


Take the role of a young sixteen year old soccer player early in his career as an aspiring professional, get noticed by scouts and important clubs thanks to great performance on the soccer field until reaching the most important international stages.


Set the game and build goal actions through assists and filtering passes for your teammates! Hone your skills match after match, help your team to win and become the best soccer player in the world.


Train your avatar through targeted sessions to improve technical and enhance personal relationships with coach, team and your fans!


Train hard and buy with your earnings the best technical equipment such as boots, shin guards, energy drinks to enhance your sports performance and win all competitions.


Invest your pharaonic revenues of soccer star enhancing your lifestyle! Buy objects, transportation and housing to become the new world soccer icon!